Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mad Men Discussion...

Sam and Jordan discuss the first episode of Mad Men. Now that Jordan's done with his hand job from a bell boy we can really talk about this thing....


  1. Sam,
    Way to have a much better review than me. I thought this was a VERY solid opener. Don Draper definitely makes my list of most complicated/best characters of all time. I also love the conversation between Sal and Don on the plane back, and I LOVED the opening with the flashbacks done a la theater...Just a very solid opener.-Jordan

  2. Jordan,
    I agree. I am way better than you. Anyways was that a new Bobby or am I going insane? I'm curious as to how they'll keep Joan around, I'm assuming she loses the rapey husband

  3. Sam,
    I think that was just the same Bobby, only a year older... And I'm sure they'll figure out a way, she's too great to lose. As for the way better, you win for tonight at least. But the battle rages on.-Jordan

  4. Sam,
    Also, how sweet was the "limit your exposure" line. SO much Draper depth...

  5. Totally. That was the convo that was the "Your secret's safe with me" in Draper-speak.

  6. Yeah. And Sal was so happy about it too. Glory!-Jordan