Monday, September 6, 2010

Pilot Season Scehdule

Summer is officially over this weekend, and so its time for Sam and I to announce our pilot season schedule. As per usual, we will cover some of our returning favorites on a weekly basis, and review at least the premiere of several new shows (which we may add to our weekly repertoire if we enjoy or hate them with enough vigor to keep writing about them). An asterisk (*) next to the show denotes that we will be covering it weekly, a J next to the show denotes that Jordan will be covering it, and an S denotes that Sam will be covering it. Here's our planned schedule, conveniently placed in the order of their premiere:

-Mad Men*-(J, reviews already in progress)

-Terriers-(S, September 8th)

-Outlaw-(J, sneek preview September 15th)

-Boardwalk Empire-(J and S, September 19th)

-How I Met Your Mother*-(J, September 20th)

-Running Wilde-(J, September 21st)

-Modern Family*-(S, September 22nd)

-Undercovers-(J, September 22nd)

-Community*-(J, September 23rd)

-Outsourced-(S, September 23rd)

-The Office*-(S, September 23rd)

-30 Rock*-(J, September 23rd)

-Dexter*-(J, September 26th)

-Eastbound and Down*-(S, September 26th)

-No Ordinary Family-(J, September 28th)

-The Walking Dead-(J, October 31st)

This schedule is an estimate, subject to change. Happy Pilot Season everybody!

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