Friday, January 7, 2011

My Year in Lists: Archives

My Year in Lists chronicles one blogger’s quest to understand why music matters to us and what makes it a lasting aspect of our existence. To facilitate this examination, three music fans have contributed a list of 52 essential albums. Each week this year, one album off of each list will be analyzed in an attempt to understand why some music sticks with us and what it means for our lives.

For ease of navigation, below you will find a collection of the past installments of My Year in Lists. Enjoy!

Week Thirty-One

Week Thirty

Week Twenty Nine

Week Twenty Eight

Week Twenty Seven

Week Twenty Six

Interlude: Answers on Alternative Music

Week Twenty Five

Week Twenty Four

Week Twenty Three

Week Twenty Two

Week Twenty One

Week Twenty

Week Nineteen

Week Eighteen

Week Seventeen

Week Sixteen

Interlude: Musings on a Music Festival

Week Fifteen

Week Fourteen

Week Thirteen

Week Twelve

Week Eleven

Week Ten

Week Nine

Week Eight

Week Seven

Week Six

Interlude: Talking about Talking Heads

Week Five

Week Four

Week Three

Week Two

Week One


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