Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Hangover Discussion

Hey want to see Jordan and Sam bicker about things that a normal person would just brush off and go "whatever"? Check out the discussion in the comments section of this post.


  1. Jordan,
    I think you're kinda punishing this movie too much for being stupid and cliche. These are both points we noted but I didn't mind because its all about the laughs with these movies. I mean, did you think the mean dean would win out in Old School and weren't the characters just as archetypical? I think it was telling when you said in your review that you laughed more than you'd like to admit. I think you may have enjoyed the movie more than you'd like to admit. Anyone who thinks they're going to see a good plot is out of their mind. The story could be summed up in one sentence and so could the ending. But its about the delicious meat in the middle of this movie sandwich. I like how we both noted the vince Vaughn thing. How about some love for Jeff Tambor (and Heather Graham's right breast?)

  2. Sam,
    A few things. First, I would like to say that while I stand by my grade, I think my review might have been a little harsh. I did laugh throughout the movie, and its something I would definitely see again, especially if my friends wanted to hang out and see a movie, or if we were all drunk and needed a dumb movie to watch. Which I think is what Phillips was going for anyways. I also wanted to question your statement that all of the cameo's were pretty successful. I usually find Rob Riggle hilarious, but his taze-crazy cop was just a bit too obvious for my taste. Also, while Ken Jeong is often funny, his character was just a bit too over-the-top to be funny in my eye. I could just FEEL him going for every laugh, which, as you know, drives me crazy. Your thoughts?-Jordan

  3. Jordan,
    I thought the Riggle bit with the taser was funny (and obvious, much like many things in this movie it seems) I always love Ken Jeong and he was def over the top which I enjoyed for this type of character.

  4. Sam,
    The difference in my mind between Old School and this movie is that Old School is cliche in the way that almost every comedy is--there are very few comedies with unpredictable endings, especially in this genre. But Old School had a lot more zaniness and a lot better performances than this movie. The movie was meant to be just fun, and it was fun, but it never made me forget that each of these characters was a broad archetype with an obvious arc...maybe it can all come down to the fact that Cooper and Helms are a lot less charming and a lot less funny than Vince Vaughan and Will Ferrell. Galifianakis had all of the charm (or creepy lack thereof) and comedic chops the other two lacked. That man deserves all of our praise and more. He really made the movie for me.-Jordan

  5. Also, as a side point, I REALLY hate the character-type that Rachael Harris is playing here. Why does there always have to be an irrationally bitchy, punishing girlfriend. Its not funny (unless Leslie Mann is doing it apparently) and it doesn't really add anything to the "up-tight guy who needs to let go" character you couldn't get from him being single.-Jordan

  6. yeah i agree that vaughn and ferrell well always win in a comedy fight against cooper and helms. i think helms did a better job than cooper. and i'm glad we both agree on the importance of galifinakis to this movie. there is no doubt that old school was better but this was still a lot of fun.

  7. agreed on the rachel harris role, which i noted as only existing in movies. no one would stay in that relationship unless it was played for comic effect. but you have a valid point on that character which often pisses me off as well.

  8. Here's to Heather Graham's right breast.
    In retrospect, Galifinakis is responsible for nearly, if not all, of my favorite parts...
    1. Carlos wacking it at the breakfast table
    2. the staredown between Alan and the fat kid
    3. Alan's 'lone wolf' speech
    4. Alan's drunken stupor
    5. "are my sunglasses okay?"
    6. "No, it's a satchel... Indiana Jones has one"
    7. "Next weekend's no good. The Jonas Brothers are in town"
    - Collin

  9. Heather Graham still looks good 10 years after roller-girling around Boogie Nights. I honestly sort of wonder why she doesn't do more. I'm not suggesting she's Oscar-worthy, but I generally enjoy her in most things she does. And yes, Galifianakis is the winner of this bunch. Here's hopng he does more movies, and more "Between Two Ferns" while he's at it.-Jordan