Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bruno Discussion

Seems Sam laughed more than Jordan. Why? They discuss...


  1. Sam,
    First, let me clarify that while I agree with you that a lot of people don't get Cohen, I would like to state that I get what he's going for. I also respect what he's going for, and I think he's a hilarious guy, I just think he failed this time around. Just like I think Michael mann is a good director who failed with Public Enemies. Also, I thought this months line-up of reviews was very strong, but with two down, I've seen two disappointments. I have much more faith in Harry Potter and Funny People not to suck though. Anyway, you didn't think Bruno went for the obvious jokes?-Jordan

  2. Jordan,
    Keeping it quick, it seems this was just a taste issue. It sounds like you went in with pretty high expectations, I went in thinking it would be monumentally worse and was pleasantly surprised at how much I laughed. Any problems you have with the plot of this movie should not be off putting. it is in no way about plot as i'm sure you know, its about stringing together the wacky situations he gets into. There's also the feeling that it isn't as fresh is because he's done another character before in the same style fo movie, I just don't care. anyone who says they want to be straight like tom cruise, kevin spacey and john travolta has my vote.

    ps: bono has aids

  3. The plot wasn't my problem, as I clarified in my review. had I found it s hilarious as I'd hoped, I wouldn't have cared about the thin plot, because as you said it's really just about stringing together gags. I just thought his gags weren't that funny this time around...-Jordan

    P.S. Hearing Elton plea for anal bleaching in every town almost saved the movie for me...

  4. Jordan,
    I know you are beyond smart enough to not fall into those groups, i was talking about people who don't get what he's doing, i know you do. i'm not sure what you mean by obvious jokes. sure he did anal sex jokes but the crazy shit he did with his pygmy boy toy and trying to shoot a sex tape with ron paul was anything but obvious. he moves beyond what we expect the line to be. take the focus group for instance. the obvious joke is to just have some flaming homosexual guy say some innappropriate stuff, the unexpected was a dancing penis that says bruno

  5. Sam,
    The Ron Paul thing was funny in idea, but not as much in execution. And his pygmy boy toy was pretty funny. I'm just talking about the "gay character getting converted" or the "homophobic redneck" segments. I feel they had to be done in order for the movie to work, but they just weren't done all that well. Baron Cohen is a lot quicker on his feet than this movie ever seemed to show...-Jordan

  6. Here's hoping the rest of July treats me better than the first two movies have! My excitement about Harry Potter and Funny People WILL NOT BE DETERED!!!-Jordan