Monday, May 11, 2009

How I Met Your Mother Season 4, Episode 23 Discussion

Hey guys,
It's time for Sam and I to discuss this week's "How I Met Your Mother" by discussing each other's reviews and addressing the other's questions. Check it out in the comments section!-Jordan


  1. Sam,
    I can't believe you liked this episode more than me! That almost never happens. I was glad to see you hit on some of the funny moments I failed to address (Barney's screech is worth every Emmy ever, but I thought I had too many notes going...). I also loved Stella's "She's on her way, Ted, and she's getting here as fast as she can." Way to be awesome, Sarah Chalke, and way to remind me about the master plot, which I love so much. I'm surprised to hear you say that this episode gave you everything you want from a HIMYM episode, though. What about the flashbacks and forwards? When HIMYM plays with time, its truly at its best. What about masterplot progress? What about a Barney plot that doesn't just rely on the endlessly talented Neil Patrick Harris to make us laugh? What about any way to use the entire ensemble (Marshall and Robin both had good lines, but largely nothing to do). In short, what made you like this episode so much more than me?

  2. Also, I can't believe I forgot to mention Barney's inspired, "Accep, wait for it...[points to Ted]". That was hilarious, as was Ted's totally obliviousness.-Jordan

  3. Ok Jordan, i'm gonna answer your questions and ask mine in the same post. Fuck Rules! Ok here goes,
    I didn't say it was everything I wanted in a HIMYM episode, I said it was almost everything I wanted. There was advancement in the plot seeing that Ted has clearly moved on and we find out Sarah Chalke is definitely not the mother (sure we knew that already but, c'mon!) I would have also liked to see some Barney and Robin looks from across the room that I love so much. I think the difference in the review came down to me enjoying the Barney B story slightly more than you. You make it sound as though i gave the episode a fucking A. Thoughts on the Barney B-story? I thought it was OK not great. I liked that ted got back to talking about his hopes and showed my why on earth anyone liked him. You said the end bumped it up from B- to B, well in my case it bumped it up from B to B+. I completely agree with you on seeing Lilly again (thank god). I was wondering if you don't think there was any advancement in the mother storyline because you knew Ted would not end up with Stella and the writers of the show thought it was a bit more ambiguous than it was. I mean, didn't you seay a week ago that Ted would start dating Stella again because they were going out during the goat episode? I also think you are bugged a bit more easily about little continutiy stuff than I. Am I right on that one?

  4. Sam,
    You're such a rebel. Ok, let me try to address your concerns. I was convinced that Stella was not the mother a week ago (in fact, you may recall I was willing to bet $1,000 on the issue...), and before that, last year during the season 3 finale, so I do not count that as plot advancement. Every time we get a Barney-Robin moment, my heart flutters a bit, and those were sadly absent this episode, though I bet we'll get some major ones for the finale. I think the disparity in our reviews did come down to the B story, which I though was trite and unfunny in concept and simply saved by Neil Patrick Harris' brilliance. Though at this point I'm ready to say I'd see Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen if NPH was playing said queen (gay joke inadvertent, but the point remains). And honestly I am not usually bothered by continuity, but I take off points on this show because it prides itself in being so strong on it (the changing pictures in the apartment, Lily's hair, the slap bets,even the flash forwards are all DEAD ON) and they've been messing this one up for seasons. I assume at this point, for my own sake, that Barney learned to drive after Arrivederci Fiero, but would it kill them to throw a line of dialogue my way? P.S. Jordan bets that Ted's job ofer at Colombia has not finished rearing its head. Marshall had some good points...-Jordan