Sunday, August 2, 2009

Funny People Discussion

Once again, Sam forgets how on the same page Jordan is with his view of movies. Sam's got some 'splainin to do about why he gave it a lower grade than Jordan....


  1. Sam,
    Looks like you underestimated how much I enjoyed the movie. Why did this not make the A grade for you?-Jordan

  2. Jordan,
    I think it shows how long it's been since we've seen each other. I forget how we usually feel the same way about things. Maybe because when we disagree profoundly on a movie/tv show/whatever its such a big surprise. So before you ask, here's why it got a B+ instead of an A-. I felt like there were really two movies going on here and Apatow wanted to try to get everything in with so many characters. The Mann storyline was fine but it felt like a whole 'nother movie. I think it worked but it felt dropped in. As you mentioned in your review there were a lot of characters and they didn't really expand on them in a particularly satisfying way. The love interest was cute but not really fleshed out at all. Plus, i have no idea why those three guys are rooming together they all pretty much hate each other. Another late shout out goes to schwartzman for working on the music for the movie and his hilariously awful tv show.
    PS i think i suck at the guess jordan's review game

  3. Sam,
    I like the addition though, and I plan on guessing your reviews from now on too. It'll be fun to see how off we are. Plus, by the next time we review a movie we should be in the same place again...I see how it felt like two movies to you. I was just so impressed by how the comedy felt derived from stand-up style, and was markedly different than the kind of jokes we've seen this troupe do before. The length didn't bother me at all though--I was totally drawn in by these characters and their story. Also, in addition to Schwartzman's score, the soundtrack at large was great!-Jordan

  4. Jordan,
    yeah we should guess the other's grade, it should be fun and prove how arbitrary these letter grades are.

  5. Sam,
    Agreed on the arbitrariness of grades. With how wonderfully subtle and textured our reviews are, the grades can't help but feel tacked on...Ah, sarcasm.-Jordan