Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pilot Season Scehdule

Last time we made a schedule, we departed from it by 75%. But we don't have to pay to watch TV, so we're going to try again! Here's the planned schedule of new TV shows (and returning favorites) we plan to cover (conveniently placed in the order of their premiere!), including some shitty looking ones we think will suck. Why? Because we have nothing better to do:

-Mad Men* (reviews already in progress)

-Glee * (our first review is up already. READ MORE CLOSELY!)

-The Jay Leno Show (premieres September 14th..we're afraid, we're very afraid, but we're willing to go there for you, loyal reader!)

-Community (premieres September 17th)

The Office *$ (premieres September 17th)

-Bored to Death (premieres Sepetmber 20th)

-Accidentally on Purpose (premieres September 21st, and promises to be a shittier, Elfman-ier, cleaner version of Knocked Up...yay?

-How I Met Your Mother* (premieres September 21st...and we're actually excited. YAY!)

-Modern Family (premieres september 23rd)

-Dollhouse* + (premieres September 25th)

-Dexter * (premieres September 27th)

-30 Rock* (premieres October 15th)

-V (premieres November 3)

Clearly, this is a lot of television programming to cover, but this is pilot season. An * denotes a show we plan to cover on a weekly basis at this point, while all unasterisked shows are new and will be evaluated after we review their premieres.

$ denotes a show Sam will be covering stag
+ Denotes a show Jordan will be covering alone.

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